Pre-Registration Campaign

Join us in the pre-registration campaign for the latest upcoming Naruto mobile game! The Fourth Shinobi World War between the Allied Shinobi Forces and Akatsuki has begun! Recruit the strongest Ninjas and collect amazing rewards, choose your side and join us now!

Pre-registration rewards

Below are our pre-registration reward milestones! Note that all the rewards are stackable, which means everyone will receive HUGE amounts of rewards if we achieve 15,000!

Reach 1000 Pre-Registrations:

200 Diamonds + 200K Gold

Reach 3000 Pre-Registrations:

1*Tobi (Full Hero!) + 300 Diamonds + 300K Gold

Reach 5000 Pre-Registrations:

50*Tobi Shards (Upgrade to 3⭐) + 500 Diamonds + 500K Gold

Reach 10,000 Pre-Registrations:

100*Tobi Shards (Upgrade to 4⭐) + 1000 Diamonds + 1M Gold

Reach 15,000 Pre-Registrations:

150*Tobi Shards (Upgrade to 5⭐) + 1500 Diamonds + 1.5M Gold

current pre-registrants

*The number shown is not real-time, and will be updated once every few hours

*Multiple registration with the same email address will not be counted


Pre-registration Period:

30 September - 8 October 2019, 2359H (GMT+8)

Official Game Server Launch Time:

9 October 1200H (GMT+8)

Reward Redemption Period:

20 October 2019, 2359H (GMT+8)

Like and follow our Facebook Page!

Make sure to like and follow us on the official Ninja World War: Global Force Facebook page here!

Upon achieving milestones on our page and group, we will be sending out rewards to ALL Ninjas as well!!

Reach the stated number of pre-registrations to unlock their corresponding rewards.

Achieve 15,000 pre-registers to unlock the ULTIMATE tier rewards!

Code containing the milestone rewards will be released here and on our Facebook page by 11 October 2019


English version


spanish version

Reward codes

• 1000 Pre-registration Reward Code: 76be60cc45

• 3000 Pre-registration Reward Code: 79126d2e6d

• BONUS Pre-registration Reward Code: 7b6677d2cb

PRE-REGISTRATION CLOSED. Thank you for your participation!

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